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Car in background with hand dangling car keys and white text on buying used cars

Tips on buying a used car safely

Buying a used car can be a big expense and whichever make and model you decide to fall in love with, it must be safe and in roadworthy condition. Here are Eurofit's tips on buying a used car safely;  Know where...

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Male mechanic underneath car fixing tyres with white gloves on

Routine Checks to help you Pass a MOT

What is a MOT? A MOT (Ministry of Transport) undertakes an inspection for the purpose of examining your vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety and emission levels. All UK registered vehicles older than 3 years of age, are mandatory by law to have...

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Car dashboard speedometer lit up in white and red at night

Dashboard Warning Lights - What do they mean?

What do dashboard warning lights mean? When you turn the ignition on your vehicle's warning lights will briefly illuminate on the dashboard then diminish after a few seconds. Do not ignore warning lights that stay on as there could be...

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Car wing mirror on side of car with Eurofit logo

Our Free Winter Health Check Guide

  Light Check – poor visibility in the winter months is common, with dark mornings & evenings it is vital that all lights on your vehicle are functioning correctly. Also having a faulty bulb is illegal. Brake Check – our...

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Three car tyres stacked up with tyre on side, and Eurofit logo

Our Free Tyre Health Check Guide

We check: The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across 3/4 of the tyre. If all tyres are worn under the legal tread depth you could be facing a hefty fine and potentially lose your license. Tyre tread depth checks...

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Air con max button in car

Keep cool with Air Conditioning in the heat

It’s the time of the year when the heat is just too warm to bare, especially in your vehicle. If only you had a consistent cool breeze of air drifting out the vent, whilst you’re driving or stationary. The perfect...

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