The importance of the Clutch

The clutch is an integral component of the vehicle’s system. Vehicles with manual transmissions have a built-in clutch system that allows you to change gears and adjust your speed whilst driving on the road.

If you think there could be a problem with your clutch, book your car or vehicle in for a free clutch check at your local Eurofit Autocentres. Our technicians will road test the vehicle and test the clutch performance.

Common signs and causes of clutch failure

  • Rattling noises when engaging the clutch pedal
  • Vehicle over-revving without increasing speed
  • Clutch slipping i.e. unable to engage or disengage between gears preventing vehicle movement
  • Clutch sticking to the floor

What will we check

Our technicians at Eurofit Autocentres will conduct a comprehensive check on the clutch system to identify any faults. We use original equipment that is protected by our guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles.

If your clutch needs replacing our technicians will provide you with a full quotation. The cost of clutch replacement can vary depending on the make and model as well as the problem reported.

How long does the clutch check take?

Approximately 1 hour, however, it all depends on your vehicle's make, model and condition.

When do I need to replace the clutch?

Eurofit Autocentres recommend a clutch replacement when the clutch is unable to engage or disengage between gears smoothly. Replacements do, however, depend on the severity of the problem and your vehicle's make and model. For your peace of mind our technicians will explain any issues identified and provide you with a no obligation quick quote.

For more information contact your local centre today.


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