Free Winter Health Check

At Eurofit Autocentres our team of qualified technicians understand the importance of vehicle maintenance.

The condition of your vehicle is important to us which is why we offer a free no obligation health check.

If you feel like your vehicle may need some attention our technicians will take a look and put your mind at rest.

Common signs and causes of vehicle health failure

  • Broken headlights
  • Worn brake pads
  • Under inflated or over inflated tyres
  • Old battery or crust around the terminals
  • Low fluid levels
  • Broken or damaged windscreen wipers  
  • Avoiding routine checks

What will we check?

Eurofit Autocentres offer a complimentary Health Check which includes a visual inspection on

  • lights,
  • brakes,
  • tyres,
  • battery,
  • fluid levels,
  • windscreen wipers and
  • anti-freeze condition and strength.
  • We even top up your screen wash for you if required!  

Our free health check is ideal before long distance driving. If there are any works to be done our expert technicians will provide you with an upfront written quotation.

How long does a free health check take?

Approximately 1 hour, however it all depends on your vehicle's make, model and condition.


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