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Our Free Winter Health Check Guide


  1. Light Check – poor visibility in the winter months is common, with dark mornings & evenings it is vital that all lights on your vehicle are functioning correctly. Also having a faulty bulb is illegal.
  2. Brake Check – our trained Eurofit technicians will undertake a visual brake check on your vehicle to ensure your vehicle stops effectively in the rain & icy road conditions.
  3. Tyre Check – tyres are the only material between your vehicle & the road, with the risk of ice & snow, getting your tyre tread & pressures checked is imperative.
  4. Windscreen Wiper blades – with an increase in likelihood of rain, sleet, snow & ice, visibility is important, our technicians check for splits & damage on wiper blades.
  5. Fluid Checks – our technicians will check your oil, water & screen wash levels – ensuring that vital fluids are at the correct level.
  6. Battery Check – battery failure is common during the winter months. The colder the temperature gets, the slower the chemical reactions, which reduces the batteries performance. Naturally during cold spells we use more electrical components such as heating, lighting & wipers that ultimately place additional demands on the battery component.
  7. Anti Freeze – engine coolant should be checked on a regular basis to ensure your engine does not freeze during the winter months. Therefore our Free Winter Check includes anti freeze strength measurement to maintain a healthy engine.

Our Free Winter Health Check keeps your vehicle moving. Take advantage & book today at your local Centre.

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