Car dashboard speedometer lit up in white and red at night

Dashboard Warning Lights - What do they mean?

What do dashboard warning lights mean? When you turn the ignition on your vehicle's warning lights will briefly illuminate on the dashboard then diminish after a few seconds. Do not ignore warning lights that stay on as there could be a problem with your vehicle. It is important you take suitable action to resolve any vehicle related issues.

Warning lights to look out for:

Brake System

The process of the brake system is to allow your vehicle to stop safely. The brake warning light will appear when you apply the handbrake. If it continues to illuminate red whilst driving, it could be down to one or more reasons such as; low brake fluid, worn brake pads or mechanical faults within the system. Do not hesitate to book a free brake check. At Eurofit, we’ll identify any existing problems and provide you with a full report on the condition of your brakes.


Anti-lock braking system

The process of the ABS (Anti-lock braking system) improves vehicle control in the event of braking or when emergency stopping to reduce the risk of skidding. Vehicles with ABS are able to detect malfunctions that interfere with the system. If this occurs, the ABS warning light will illuminate on the dashboard. Visit your local Eurofit Autocentres for a free brake check or book online.  

Engine Oil

The correct levels of engine oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat allowing your vehicle to run without overheating. If the engine oil warning light appears there could be significantly low levels of oil. You can check the level of engine oil when your vehicle is stationary and cooled down beforehand. Do not check immediately after driving as you could scald yourself! Low levels of oil need topping up as soon as possible. Failing to top up with oil could cause serious engine malfunction and be quite costly to fix. Information on suitable engine oil can be found in your vehicle manufacturers handbook. At Eurofit Autocentres, we offer a free health check which include inspecting your fluid levels.


Engine Cooling system

Correct levels of coolant regulates the temperature of the engine minimising the risk of the engine overheating or freezing. If there are insufficient levels of coolant the warning light will show on the dashboard. You can locate the coolant tank and check the coolant levels under the bonnet. Do not check this area if you have just been driving, wait until the engine has cooled down! Eurofit offer a free health check which also includes inspecting the fluid levels, recommeding the correct fluid for your vehicle and a full written report.

Engine Management Control

Engine management sends electronic information to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). If the engine warning light appears on the dashboard, there could be an electrical sensor fault or an issue with the ECU. This could reduce vehicle performance! Our technicians conduct a full diagnosis check from £29 using the latest programming technology to identify trouble codes and also provide a full written report on any repairs required.   

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Tyre pressure monitoring is generally integrated with modern vehicles. If your vehicle has TPM (Tyre pressure monitoring), the warning light will show on the dashboard when the tyres are below the recommended tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres can decrease vehicle stability and handling and increase the risk of further tyre wear. Eurofit Autocentres offer a free tyre health check to inspect the condition of the tyres and provide you with a full written report.    

Battery charge warning light

The battery supplies power when you start the ignition. The battery charge warning light will show if there is problem with your car’s electrical system. Faulty alternators, poor battery connection and loose cabling are common signs of battery failure. These issues can reduce electrical power and increase the risk of breakdowns. At Eurofit Autocentres we offer a free battery check to diagnose any faults and provide you with a full written report.


Diesel Particulate Filter

The diesel particulate filter alerts you when there is a blockage within the exhaust. Diesel vehicles eliminate DPF automatically on long journeys, however the process of this doesn’t work as effectively on shorter road trips. You may be able to complete a regeneration cycle & eraddicate the warning light by driving for about 10 minutes at speeds greater than 40mph. At Eurofit Autocentres, our technicians fulfill a DPF diagnosis and write up a detailed report based on inspection and any works needed to be carried out.

Fuel filter water trap (diesel engines)

The fuel water trap can detect water in the fuel filter. Water in the fuel filter can increase the risk of contamination causing damage to the system. It is important to drain the fuel filter. This is generally achieved by using a valve to filter out the excess water. Visit your local Eurofit Autocentres, if the warning light stays on. You’ll receive a full written report on the condition of your vehicle.


If you notice any other warning lights illuminating on the dashboard, contact your local Eurofit Autocentres.  



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