Back of car driving down snowy road with snow falling in Winter

Essentials to pack and check on Long Winter Road Trips

Are you Winter prepared for the Long road trip ahead? You’ve packed your suitcase for a weekend family trip away, you’ve made sure your briefcase for a work meeting is strapped in, but have you have checked and packed essentials for the winter journey?  


Pack list

Warm clothes and a heavy blanket. It may be handy to pack warm clothing such as jumpers and coats and a heavy blanket in the event you breakdown. Let’s just say chattering teeth and shivers won’t be getting in the way of keeping warmer.


Non perishable food and drinking water. Long road trips can become quite thirsty and appetizing however, with a few road trip snacks that are non perishable and drinking water - the whole crew on board will be ready for the journey ahead.


Reflective warning triangle.  Be seen by other road users and the breakdown company by placing a reflective warning triangle metres away from your vehicle. This can be particularly helpful if you're faced with vehicle problems that cause you to stop.


De-icer. Spray and scrape away the sheet of ice on the windscreen, mirrors and windows. Visibility of the road is essential especially when blizzards of fog are misting the air.  


Winter nights can be darker than normal. Check your lights including your signal indicators, headlight, dipped light, fog light and reverse light - it is important to be seen on the road by others.


Tyres are at risk of blowouts on long road trips when the road surfaces face the season greetings of wintery conditions. Check all your tyres, for deflation, cuts or bulges in the tyre wall before you drive off! 


Check your vehicles battery life on the warning dashboard. If there are any problems, the battery symbol will signify in red, be sure to take your vehicle to your local Eurofit Autocentres immediately.


As well as essentials to pack and check, Eurofit Autocentres are here to assist with your free winter checkup

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