Should Learner Driver receive points on their Driving Licence?

Should Learner Driver receive points on their Driving Licence?

Denzel Washington famously said that “Rules were made to be broken”


Well, maybe not in this case...


It has recently been up for debate as to whether learner drivers should receive points on their licence before passing their test.


Most learner drivers do not even realise that they can get points on their provisional licence, and any points that haven’t expired before you pass your driving test will carry over to your full licence.


Points on your licence for the most part will stay there for four years from the date of conviction, these include:


  • Reckless/dangerous driving – shown on your licence as DD40, DD60 and DD80
  • Offences resulting in disqualification
  • Disqualified from holding a full driving licence until a driving test has been passed


However, it will stay on your licence for eleven years from the date of conviction for any of these offences:


  • Drinking or drugs and driving – shown on the licence as DR10, DR20, DR30 and DR80
  • Causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs – shown on the licence as CD40, CD50 and CDC60
  • Causing death by careless driving, then failing to provide a specimen for analysis – shown on the licence as CD70


Can I still take my driving test if I have points on my licence?


The answer is yes! Any points you have accumulated whilst on your provisional licence that haven’t expired yet will be transferred over to your full licence when you pass your test.


Having six points or more will not prevent you from taking your test and does not mean your licence will be revoked straight after passing.


What will happen when I pass my driving test?


Under the New Drivers Act, your licence will be cancelled if you get any further penalty points that total your points above 6 within the first two years of passing your test.


If this is the case, then you would need to apply for another provisional driving licence. You would have to sit through the gruelling theory test and practical test again.


Passing the retest does not remove the points from your licence, if the total reaches more than 12 you could be disqualified.


One of the most common offences that learner drivers can get is an IN10.  This can be received for driving without the correct insurance.


Should Learner Drivers get points?


Learning to drive is one of the biggest things you can do to get your own independence and gain responsibility.


When you sit behind that wheel, you take on all responsibility of the vehicle, whilst in most cases the instructor will also have access to speed and control, the majority of the responsibility lies with the driver.   


Sitting behind the wheel is a huge rite of passage, but comes with many responsibilities, and should not be taken lightly.


We understand that not everyone is the perfect driver, all we ask is that you be the best driver you can be…


If you run into any car issues along the way...


Eurofit Autocentres will be there for you, making vehicle repair simple.


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