Eurofit Autocentres Top 10 Tips on How to Pass your Theory Test

Eurofit Autocentres Top 10 Tips on How to Pass your Theory Test

Learning how to drive can be very stressful!


And to make matters a more difficult, you have to sit your theory test. Also known as, The Gate Keeper to the practical driving test.


Like the character you fight in the video game before you reach the final boss!


Some pass first time, some pass the 6th or 7th time…


All we know is that it can be pretty hit and miss.


At Eurofit Autocentres we want to give you the best chance possible at passing your theory test as soon as possible!


We asked all of our centres for their best advice to give to learner drivers and we put together 10 Top Tips to Passing your Theory Test... 


  1.  Book your Theory Test!


We know that this may be obvious, but the hardest part to doing something is actually starting it. There are over 160 test centres around the UK. What are you waiting for? Just book it!


  1. Study Hard!


The Theory Test is made up of multiple-choice questions, you will be given 50 on the test out of more than a possible 1000 questions and you will need at least 43 to pass.


  1. Keep your eyes peeled for Hazard Perception!


Once you’ve answered all 50 questions you will then move onto the Hazard Perception portion of the test. Made up of a series of short video clips that show various driving situations. Click whenever you think you see a hazard! However, do not click needlessly as there is an algorithm to catching cheaters.


  1. Put in the hours!


There really is no substitute for putting in the hours, you can’t beat time! The questions will be picked at random. It will be nearly impossible to guess which questions come up on the test. You must be confident that you know at least 43 of those answers.


  1. Take a mock test!


You think you’re ready? Take an online test. If the mock test doesn’t go as well as you had planned, you are able to reschedule your test up to three days before you’re due to sit it! If you’re not feeling confident, it’s best to take the time to squeeze in some extra revision.


  1. Be sure to be on time!


You’re bound to be stressed on the day of the test, always account for the worst to happen! Buses or taxis being late, not being able to find the test centre or whatever the reason may be. Always leave with plenty of time ahead to minimise stress on the day.


  1. Don’t leave your Provisional License at home!


In order for you to sit the test you must have your Provisional License on the day of the test. If you forget your license at home, you will not be able to take the test and you will still be charged.


  1. Use all of the time!


Before the actual test starts you will be given a round of practice questions beforehand. Take your time! If something doesn’t look like its working properly, raise it before your test starts.


  1. Difficult question? Flag it!


The test is exactly 57 minutes long to answer all 50 multiple choice questions. Stuck on a question? Don’t worry! Just hit the flag button on the test and it’ll mark the question as unanswered, this makes it easy for you to go back to it at the end!


  1. Use your time wisely!


Between the first and second part of your test you are given a 3-minute break. You’re halfway there take a breather. Stretch your legs under the desk and get ready for the next part of the test!


Don’t be stressed, pass or fail this is a learning curve. If you fail, just revise more and retake the test again! If you pass, book in for your driving test! You’re that one step closer to being independent on the road.

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