Riding Dirty? Avoid Fines With Eurofit's Top Tips

Riding Dirty? Avoid Fines With Eurofit's Top Tips

Did you know you could receive a fine up to £1,000 for having a dirty car?

Well, now you do.

Drivers could be slapped with a hefty fine if their vehicle isn’t up to scratch. 

There is no specific law in regards to keeping your car clean, but if it impacts your ability to drive and poses a risk to other road users- this is in fact against the law. 

If your number plate is deemed obscure, i.e- letters and numbers not clearly visible,  you could be sanctioned with a massive £1,000 penalty. Likewise, if there is any kind of dirt that could affect visibility through your windscreen, this is seen a potential hazard and could also land you in huge trouble.

So, when was the last time you cleaned out your footwells or scrubbed the wheel arches of your car? For many drivers, staying on top of their car’s hygiene isn’t at the top of their list of priorities. But with the threat of significant punishment looming, it’s time your car had a proper service.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your car in pristine condition;

Deep clean - inside and out!

Firstly, it’s important to get the old soap and sponge out and start cleaning. Don't worry about the tyres for now, we'll get to that, but everything else will get good scrub inside and out. We use top of the line cleaning products to ensure you car sparkles.

A breath of fresh air

The next step to getting your car in tip-top shape is refreshing the air con vents. We’ve covered this in our recent blog here. This practice can bring back that brand new car smell, which in all honesty, is one of the most satisfying scents around!

Cleaning the interior of your car

It’s vital to take proper care of your car’s interior. Start by removing everything - especially those coffee cups and the crumpled UK road maps. Dispose of all the rubbish, remove the floor mats to give them a good shake, and move all the other necessities where appropriate. Moreover, now would be a great time to check the glove compartment and side panels for litter or debris.


Once the interior is sorted - the paintwork needs attention. Using both Snow Foam and citrus as a pre wash, you can really restore that shine. We recommend following this up by using a chamois cloth to apply some polish or wax afterwards. Then give the bonnet a lift and sweep away any twigs or leaves that may have gathered underneath. 

Complete these steps and you’re done!

The time has come to revive your car and show it some overdue appreciation. It’s always looked after you, now it’s your turn to look after it. Call today for a free quote and move one step closer to that new car that you’ve always had! 


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