New Year, New Driving Habits?

New Year, New Driving Habits?

January 1st marks the start of the New Year. Most people start the New Year by setting out things that they want to change about themselves, also known as, New Year’s Resolutions.


Why not use this as an excuse to kick some of the bad driving habits we all have? As much as we don’t want to admit to it, we all have at least one bad habit whilst driving.


Eurofit Autocentres have put together a list of the 5 habits you should kick this New Year and why! 


  1. Put down the phone

Using your mobile phone whilst driving is incredibly dangerous! People who use their phone whilst driving are four times more likely to crash. If a driver looks at their phone for just two seconds when driving at 30mph, they will travel a shocking 100 feet blind. So, it’s not surprising that you can be penalised with at least six points and a £200 fine for driving whilst on your phone.


  1. Don’t drink and drive

Dry January isn’t for all of us. But if you are going out for a few drinks, don’t tell yourself it’s okay to drive! It’s not. Drink driving is a big issue on roads in the UK. Drink driving was up this year by 7%, its highest level since 2009. If you are going out for a drink, call a taxi.

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  1. No more distraction 

Whilst you’re driving it’s easy to become distracted. By mobile phones, kids crying or changing the radio station. These distractions can lead to mistakes, or accidents. If you want to improve your driving this year, this is probably a good starting point.


  1. Slow down

Speed limits are in place for a good reason! Sticking to the limit is the easiest way to make sure you’re driving at a safe speed for everyone around you and the conditions of the road. Nearly half of the UK exceeded the speed limit on the motor way and over 50% exceeded the 30mph speed limit. Speeding rarely saves you anytime, can land you in a lot of trouble and can potentially be life threatening.


  1. Show your car some love

Owning a car is one of the biggest purchases you can make, after your house. It’s usually worth investing some time into your car to make sure that you keep your vehicle in a good and working condition! Be sure to regularly check the tyres, brakes and get your annual service and MOT to maintain the good condition of your car.


It’s never too late to change, what are you waiting for? Put the brakes on those bad habits.

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