Male sat inside of car holding mobile phone

Bad driving habits we are all guilty of!

Question my honour - That's fine!

But my driving skills? Heck no!

We know, we've all been there… Backseat drivers make the worst road trip companions.

But have you ever taken a real look at the bad habits you have picked up?

The little things you only do for your driving test and never again? Yeah right! 

Here's our list of common bad driving habits.

How many are you guilty of?


1. Tailgating 

Do you just want to get inside my boot instead?!

It is hard to control road rage when the car behind you is clingier than your high school girlfriend.

According to tailgating is the number one cause of small road accidents.


2. Middle lane hoggers 

There is a special place in hell for middle lane hoggers.

Driving on the motorway can be stressful, however, it is only made worse by careless and frankly inconsiderate drivers.

Hogging the middle lane blocking the path for drivers trying to change lanes, can cause ques and traffic jams.


3. Slow at traffic lights 

We all know that one traffic light that changes to green once every few lifetimes… and what makes it even worse is when the selfish driver in front is slow on the take-off.

Great time to measure your patience, are you a honker?

Or do you wait calmly for the driver to realise?

Either way getting stuck behind a red light because of a slow driver is one of the most infuriating experiences for a driver, especially if you’re late!


4. Positioning hands at 10 and 2.

Now here’s a classic!

Keeping your hand glued at 10 and 2 may have been what you were taught in your driving lessons…

But in reality, very few people actually utilise this rule.

However, this is one maybe you should try to get in a habit of and studies show that holding the wheel this way almost doubles your control of the car.


5. Last-minute indication 

Now here's some guaranteed road rage and potentially catastrophic mistake!

Aside from the fact that this is very annoying!

You should always have a clear route planned before you head off.

A last-minute indication can cause fatal confusion for the driver behind you.

So take that extra turn round if you change your mind and down assume you can make it… Because the car behind you may not.


6. Taking up two parking spaces 

I’m not sure there is anything on this list that can beat out this one on annoyance! The famed ‘cushion of protection’ is really just ‘you are an absolute idiot get off the road.’

This one is even worse when you're forced to leave and find parking elsewhere. 


7. Not wearing a seatbelt 

Possibly the most important and most overlooked driving rule!

Luckily most newer model cars have a built-in (annoying) alarm that beeps obsessively until you clip that little lifesaver in!

But in all seriousness buckle up, there is really no reason too!


8. Driving too slow 

You may think driving too fast in the only speed-related danger you can put yourself in.

However, driving too slow is a real danger to yourself and everyone around you! 


9. Accelerating through amber lights 

Okay, okay!

Now I know we are all guilty of this one, but the question is how far have you pushed this one?

A little acceleration to make it just before the red… or a full-blown run-up where you’ve ended up delaying other cars in their path.

Either way, most lights change every 40 seconds… don't risk it.


10. Using your phone 

Is your Snapchat streak really worth a hefty fine?

Or your life?

Wait until it's safe and legal to pull over and check your phone.

Not only is it dangerous for yourself, but for everyone around you too. 

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