Man sat in car with one hand on steering wheel and one hand holding mobile phone, whilst looking at the phone

UK to Ban Mobile Phone Use Whilst Driving

A legal loophole that saw drivers able to use mobile phones for tasks other than calls and texts that allowed drivers to escape jail time for hand-held mobile phone use, whilst behind the wheel.

The government have recently spoken out about plans on closing this outdated legal loophole.

As it stands, drivers are technically only banned from making calls or texting while in charge of a vehicle.

This law was obviously made a long time ago, before things like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Mobile games and Snapchat came into the modern world.

The Department for Transport’s (DfT) decision to open a consultation into the law change is heavily welcomed news in the motoring world.

 It is a positive step towards making phone use as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.

The use of hands-free phones will still be allowed under the new proposal despite calls from some ministers that certain functions are just as distracting as hand-held use.

You may be asking how does this effect you in a drive through and you wish to use your mobile device for payment?

Well, an exemption will be made for contactless payments, as long as your vehicle is stationary, and the goods are delivered immediately.

These changes are expected to come into effect during early 2021 (pending outcomes of the consultation)

The law change would apply across the UK, with the punishment for breaking hand-held law amounting to six penalty points and a £200 fine.



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