Need a Driving Test during Lockdown?

Need a Driving Test during Lockdown?

Lockdown 3 has left many of us full of uncertainty and has caused havoc across the nation as an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


It has caused particular stress amongst the driving industry, especially those learning to drive and taking their driving tests.


From the first lockdown in the Spring/Summer of 2020 there was a build-up of drivers patiently waiting to take their driving test with the DVSA cancelling 210,000 booked tests.


So, you might be wondering… What about now?


Luckily for you, Eurofit Autocentres has all the answers you need!


From the announcement on January 5th of the third National Lockdown all driving lessons in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be suspended.


The only way for learner drivers currently to get any experience on the roads currently is to drive with members of your household or support bubble.


This travel must only be for work, education or other essential journeys.


If you’re lucky enough to be a learner with someone allowing you to drive their car, be sure to stay safe on the road!


Before leaving the house be sure that your car still has a valid MOT and is road legal.


It is always good practice to check your tyres and engine oil before setting out on journeys.


In the UK we are prone to getting cold and wet weather during this time of year, be sure to test your brakes after driving through a puddle or if the vehicle has been sat seized for a week or two.


But what about the Driving Test?


If you have a test booked between the 5th January and the 15th February, the DVSA will contact you if your test is affected and tell you how to proceed.


Most driving instructors book the tests for their students, if this is the case then your instructor will receive an email explaining that the test will be rescheduled and then an email with the date and details of your new test.


Does the new date not work for you?


There will be an option to change your test again, free of charge.


But what about the Theory Test?


All Theory Tests have been suspended following the Government advice.


If you have your Theory Test booked you will have been notified by the DVSA that the test has been suspended and you will be able to rebook through the Government website, free of charge of course.


Whatever the outcome, Eurofit Autocentres will be here and waiting to welcome you into our centres.

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