Driving home for Christmas?

Driving home for Christmas?

You are surely not the only one…


The week before Christmas causes mayhem from the shopping centres to the roads.


It's the last week before Christmas, this is seen as the perfect time to travel for those who were planning to spend the holiday season away.


The problem? The sheer volume of cars on the road! Making it near enough impossible to get anywhere, plus the usual commuter traffic.


This year may be slightly different, given the circumstances.


Are you getting behind the wheel for the madness?


Eurofit Autocentres have compiled a list of their Top 5 Tips to Travelling during the Festive Season.


  1. Plan your trip ahead


It’s always smart to plan your journey ahead so you can prepare for the inevitable holiday traffic, unplanned roadworks and any accidents that may have happened. Nobody likes to be stuck in a traffic jam!


  1. Time your trip


It’s easy to guess what times of the day will be the busiest on the road, why would you set off in rush hour traffic? Don’t do it! Thinking about setting out Friday evening? Why bother. Leave on Saturday morning for a much more relaxed journey.


  1. Be careful the morning after


Drink driving is always a serious issue year-round, but unfortunately happens even more so around the holidays. Be aware that the morning after a drink can be dangerous as you may not be sober enough to get behind the wheel.


  1. Driving in bad road conditions


The UK has a reputation for the weather being so unpredictable! Snow, sleet, rain, and ice are all things that we are graced with in the winter here in the UK. Be sure to check the forecast before you leave, you may want to re-think!


  1. Look after your car

This year most of us haven’t travelled a lot, start the car to make sure your battery isn’t dead. Take it easy on your car, it’s more than likely feeling fragile. Your car has most likely been sat on the drive all year and not moved much. Let the engine run for a few minutes to warm up. Be sure to check your tyres and brakes before setting out!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or it should be. Try to enjoy the journey that you’re on and see it as a part of the experience. Don’t forget your festive playlist, make it fun and the drive will pass by in no time!



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