Hands on steering wheel in car driving on Winter road with snow and ice

10 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

It has been quite a year and now we are all preparing to bunker down for the winter. But before you do it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is ready for the colder climate.

At Eurofit Autocentres we offer a Free Winter Health Check to give you peace of mind. Our expert team of technicians will inspect your vehicle to make sure it can stand the freezing temperatures and icy roads.

To give you an idea what we’ll be looking for, here are 10 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready:


  1. Check Your Antifreeze

As the name suggests, this is key in preventing your vehicle from freezing up. There is water in the engine’s cooling system, and antifreeze will stop it from turning to ice.

Engine coolant is a mixture of water and anti-freeze, and you can check your level and top it up in the engine coolant reservoir under the bonnet. If you aren’t sure about this, we can help at Eurofit Autocentres, because accidentally adding antifreeze to the screen wash, brake fluid or power steering reservoir could cause damage.

It’s also not normal for the coolant level to drop, so if you get a warning light to tell you it has you should definitely bring it in to us to take a look.


  1. Check Your Screen wash

One certainty of winter is that the road gritters will be out in force to reduce the risk of icy roads, and a by-product of this is the road salt which will build up on your vehicle as you drive about. It’s also a good idea therefore to check your screen wash tank is filled up ready to combat this. You can buy ready mixed or concentrated screen wash which you’ll need to mix with water. Again, if you’re unsure we’re here to help at Eurofit Autocentres.


  1. Check Your Lights

The nights are drawing in so you’ll be switching on your lights earlier than usual and will probably need them on now too for the morning commute. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to make sure they are in full working order. Road salt can also build up on them so check they are clean too. If any light bulbs need replacing, we can quickly fix them for you at Eurofit Autocentres.


  1. Check Your Battery

We all know that it’s vital to keep your vehicle moving to keep your battery running, but did you know that cold, damp weather can also make it harder for an engine to turn over? Wintery weather can be the final straw for an old car battery that is nearing the end of its life, so if you think it might be approaching that time it is definitely a good idea to speak to us about a replacement before temperatures plummet.


  1. Check Your Windscreen

You should always keep an eye out for any chips in your windscreen, as the sooner you catch them the easier, they can be fixed. However, it is even more urgent to do so during the winter, as the cold weather increases the speed with which chips crack.


  1. Check Your Bodywork

Similarly look over your vehicle for any chips in the bodywork, as the increased amount of road salt can also get into these and speed up corrosion. We will check this for you too.


  1. Check Your Engine Oil

This is essential to do all year round, but don’t forget about it while you are also checking everything else is topped up correctly under the bonnet.  Leaving your car without enough oil can result in a costly breakdown, or worse cause lasting damage to the engine.


  1. Winter Tyres

There is a debate around winter tyres, but if you do need to drive a lot during the colder months then they are worth considering, provided you change back when the warmer weather returns.

Winter tyres are designed to give you greater traction on icy roads, as they have deeper grooves and narrow cuts built into the tread, and comprise of a type of rubber with a high silica content which is more flexible in low temperatures. You should notice an improvement in braking and handling on snow, ice and wet roads if you have good quality, winter tyres.

At Eurofit Autocentres we have a great selection of branded and budget tyres for all your needs, so speak to us if you are thinking of changing your tyres.


  1. Snow Chains and Snow Socks

If you really need to snow-proof your vehicle, then you could also invest in some snow chains or snow socks - a temporary alternative to winter tyres.

It is important to remember with snow chains that they must not be used in the UK in a manner that will damage the road surface, so only on snow-covered roads. They need to be removed when driving on an unsnowy, tarmac surface.

Snow socks as the name suggests are stretchy fabric covers that you can slip over the wheels to give it added grip on snow and ice, although once you are clear of the hazard you should take them off again.


  1. Breakdown Kit

Hopefully by following all our advice and getting a Free Winter Health Check at Eurofit Autocentres, you won’t be left out in the cold. But to prepare against the worst happening, it’s always sensible to have an emergency breakdown kit in your vehicle.

There are a few key essentials we recommend you include in this kit – an ice scraper, de-icer, torch, portable or in-car phone charger, warm clothes and blankets, first aid kit, two reflective warning signs and a high-vis jacket. Plus, if there is a risk you may end up in deep snow, a shovel is also a good idea, and if space is limited you can get foldable versions. Think about what food or drink you may want to have to hand as well.


We appreciate that all this is a lot to think about, so for a quick and stress-free way to get you vehicle ready for winter, book a no-obligation Free Winter Health Check with us today!

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