Attention 2018 Registered Vehicle Owners! Ready for your MOT?

Attention 2018 Registered Vehicle Owners! Ready for your MOT?

It’s the year 2018, you’ve just purchased a brand new 18 plate car and there’s no Covid-19...  life is great!


Fast forward 3 years and you never would have thought we would be in this position.


Covid-19 is here and life as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future.


As well as this, your car is now 3 years old and you are now legally obligated to get an MOT!


When you purchase a new car and you drive it off the forecourt, the first thing on your mind usually isn’t how road-worthy the car is.


Whether it’s a Vauxhall, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mini, Peugeot or Ford your new car should be road safe!


Once your vehicle reaches the age of 3 years old, the exact date of its registration will be its first due date for its MOT.


Up until then, you are not legally obliged to be tested.


Was your vehicle imported?


You more than likely won’t have the registration date! But don’t worry, we have the answers for you.


Check the manufacturer date, count 3 years forward and you’ll find the MOT date!


You can also find your vehicles registration in the logbook, also known as the V5C form.


This is a reliable and legal way to check the cars registration date!


Does my car need an MOT test every year?


After your first test has been done, you are legally required to have an MOT test done on the day of or earlier from the previous year.


Are services a legal requirement?


Services are not a legal requirement; however, we do recommend getting them done every 6-12 months.


An MOT is a legal requirement that keeps your car on the road, this is a test to simply say that your car is road worthy.


A service will reduce the risk of you breaking down, it will help you prolong your vehicles lifespan and maintain the value of your vehicle!  

Regular servicing allows you to get ahead of any issues that potentially become very expensive.

Can I drive a car without a valid MOT?


If you don’t have a valid MOT, you can be fined up to £1000! The financial costs are nothing in comparison to the safety of yourself, your passengers and other drivers that are on the road!

The only exceptions to this are:

  • If you are driving the car to a garage for a pre-booked MOT test.
  • If you are driving the car to a garage to be repaired.

What is checked on an MOT test?

  1. Lamps, reflectors, horn and electrical equipment
  2. Steering and suspension
  3. Brakes
  4. Tyres and wheels
  5. Seat belts
  6. Body, structure, registration plates and speedometer
  7. Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  8. Drivers view of the road

So, if you’re in need of an MOT, why not choose Eurofit Autocentres?!

Our friendly and qualified technicians will be more than happy to help, no job is too big or too small!

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Relax, its repaired!

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