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Whether you require a full car service or annual MOT for your Nissan, trust in our local certified mechanics at the Eurofit Autocentres to deliver a top-notch examination.

‘Innovation that Excites’ is at the heart of the Nissan brand. Their range of vehicles have certainly advanced and diversified over time to become a well-known, familiar name across the UK.

From the compact and economical Micra, through the family sized vehicles to the rugged Navara and X-Trail, Nissan cars continue to be as popular as ever.

Did you know?

Did you know that changes in European Law - known as “Block Exemption” now allows independent auto centres, such as Eurofit Autocentres in Wolverhampton and Cannock, to undertake Nissan dealer scheduled car services.

No longer do you have to go to a Nissan dealership for your car servicing, repairs, brakes or tyres. At Eurofit Autocentres, we can offer a Nissan Dealer Scheduled Service for you whilst protecting your Nissan warranty.

Save money, get great service, stay protected!

And it doesn’t matter whether you have the innovative Leaf, Qashqai or Juke, a super sporty GTR, Note, Micra, Primera, Almera, Navara, X Trail, Murano or any other Nissan model, we can look after your essential car servicing for you.

What you can expect from a Eurofit Autocentres Nissan Service?

First of all, you will save money when you book with us.

Our prices are lower than dealership prices and all parts used will be of ‘original equipment’ quality.

You can further expect all of the following as part of the quality car service:

• Our Nissan Dealer Scheduled Service will not invalidate your vehicle’s warranty and complies with the service schedule checks as specified by Nissan
• A full and comprehensive service carried out by our expert technicians using the latest software and equipment
• Once a service has been completed we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book
• You will receive a car service sheet outlining the checks done and an invoice stating any advisory notices
• The convenience of being able to book online or call your local Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock branch
• Our highly qualified car mechanics will advise on all areas of maintenance and repairs for your Nissan including branded or budget tyres, brake pads and discs, clutches, cambelts, car battery, steering, suspension, wheel alignment, air conditioning, and electrical vehicle checks and reporting.

Need an MOT for your Nissan?

Once your car is three years old it will require a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. This is a legal requirement and will need to be carried out every twelve months thereafter. It is important that you maintain proper care for your car and the Nissan MOT provided by Eurofit Autocentres is designed to do just that. It is also worth pointing out that the police authorities and insurance providers have a way of finding out whether your vehicle has a current MOT. It pays to be safe and maintained with a valid MOT for your Nissan.

Why not take advantage of our special MOT price of £27 (class 4) or only £19 when booking a Nissan service for your vehicle. Getting everything done during the same visit makes sense and ensures your car is in tip-top condition.

And if we spot a problem? Well, we’ll let you know straight away. Our trained car-servicing technicians can carry out repairs, replace or upgrade parts including brakes and tyres, and advise on any technical hitches they discover to recommend a course of action.

Your vehicle is in safe hands.

What’s the difference between a Nissan dealer and a Eurofit Autocentres Car Service?

Quality parts supplied and fitted will serve to prolong the life of your engine and will not invalidate any Nissan warranty. We fit ‘original equipment’ parts, or at your request, Nissan parts (which attract an additional cost).

We’ll carry out a full Nissan diagnostics check and ensure Nissan warranty protected servicing.

Eurofit Autocentres in Walsall, Telford, Sheffield, Ludlow, Henley, Wolverhampton and Cannock offers a ‘like for like’ car service and fully comply with Nissan Dealer Scheduled Servicing. The only difference between Nissan parts and ‘original equipment’ parts is the price! Whichever you choose, your warranty will remain valid.  

As we said before … Save money, get great service, stay protected.

We can also collect and deliver your car or van (from home or work) at your convenience – we’ll leave the time and place up to you so that you can carry on with your working day.

Eurofit Autocentres - As a Nissan Specialist, the only difference is the price!

Contact us today on 0800 270 7733 to discuss your Nissan servicing requirements or to check when your Nissan MOT is due for renewal. We’re more than happy to help with any additional car servicing requirements. Feel free to pop down to the Eurofit Autocentres branch to chat in person to one of our qualified car mechanics who can advise accordingly.

Looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to service, repair or MOT your Peugeot?

Here at Eurofit Autocentres, we can take the stress out of your Peugeot maintenance and servicing.

The Peugeot Company was founded over 200 years ago in 1810 and they have a long and interesting history. Having started out life as a family business making bicycles, the brand has certainly evolved and come a long way since those humble beginnings.

With ‘Motion & Emotion’ sitting at the heart of the Peugeot brand, it’s no surprise that the international company has won many globally recognised awards and is well known for reliability.

Did you know?

Have you heard about the car servicing changes in European Law - known as “Block Exemption?” These changes now allow independent auto centres, such as Eurofit, to undertake dealer scheduled services.

This is exciting news for us here at Eurofit Autocentres, as our qualified and efficient car mechanics can now offer Peugeot Dealer Scheduled Services whilst protecting your warranty.    

Our car service and MOT centre is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic software and equipment and our skilled technicians will ensure your vehicle benefits from an accurate and complete check.

What you can expect from Eurofit Autocentres Peugeot Servicing?

For your convenience, you can use our east online booking tool to get booked in at one of our centres.

We have a great team of expert technicians who are proficient in using the latest diagnostic equipment and software to care for your Peugeot.

  • You’ll receive a service sheet outlining the checks undertaken and an invoice stating any advisory notices
  • Once a service has been completed we will reset the service light on the dashboard and stamp your car service book
  • You’ll receive full technical support and advice from our specialist software engineers. Our equipment’s capabilities are parallel to that of Peugeot dealerships
  • Our main dealer spec service means that our servicing is approved under the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the same piece of mind that you would receive from a main dealership
  • Full fault code-read and clearing and setting of adaptation values, full coverage of ECU coding and much more (too many to list!)
  • Your Peugeot manufacturer warranty will not be invalidated

Need an MOT for your Peugeot?

As you know if your Peugeot is over three years old, it is required by law to have an annual inspection. That inspection is the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.

It is important to remember that it’s not worth the risk to drive your Peugeot without a valid MOT for safety reasons. Your own safety and the safety of everyone around you, not to mention the safe running of your Peugeot. Plus, insurance providers and police forces can check the validity of your MOT.

Convenient, efficient, timesaving!

What is the difference between Peugeot and Eurofit Autocentres Services?

Eurofit Autocentres offer a ‘like for like’ service, so the only difference between Peugeot parts and ‘original equipment’ is the price. We offer a high level of service and quality parts and our existing customers will advocate this. With the changes in legislation and consumer expectations for an affordable yet valued service, we are now able to genuinely validate your Peugeot warranty.

You will also get peace of mind of having the same level of technical know-how, professionalism and expertise applied to the work carried out on your car service, with no compromises.

Thats a guarantee!

On a date and time that suits you, we can collect and deliver your vehicle (from home or work) so that your day can carry on with minimum disturbance.

As a Eurofit Autocentres Peugeot Specialist - the only difference is the price!

And it’s not only Peugeot servicing and carrying out MOT inspections on offer. Our highly qualified car mechanics can also advise, repair and replace most parts on your beloved Peugeot car including air conditioning systems, branded or budget tyres, cambelts, battery maintenance, steering, car suspension, wheel alignment, clutches, and brake pads and discs.

Enter your registration above to book now at one of our centres.

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