Light bulb Health Check

The average car has 17 working bulbs within the vehicle that are crucial when considering driving safely.

Ensuring your vehicle's lights are working correctly is critical for your own safety and also other road users as it gives you the fundamental requirement when driving: Sight and visibility from all angles and directions.

Any one of these 17 bulbs will also result in an MOT failure! So it is very beneficial to ensure you check your lights before taking your vehicle in for its annual MOT test.

To ensure this doesn't happen, we offer a FREE bulb health check on your vehicle.

Replacing blown car bulbs is not an easy task, some bulbs can be extremely fiddly and in close proximity to other engine components. For this reason, we advise you to not change bulbs at home.

At Eurofit Autocentres, our experienced fitters can supply replacement bulbs suitable for your vehicle and fit these for you, saving you the trouble and ensuring that your bulbs are fitted securely & safely.

Checking that your vehicle's lights are in good operational condition should form part of your regular vehicle maintenance check.


What does the free check entail?

  • A 360 degree check of all essential lights including headlights.
  • It’s not always immediately obvious when a car bulb blows. We will undertake a full check of your bulbs to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Perform a test to listen out for indicators blinking faster than usual, this means there is a fault or the indicator bulb has blown.  


Remember, if you are in any doubt, or find that you have a blown or faulty bulb, pop into your nearest Eurofit Autocentres where our trained staff will perform a FREE check and are equipped to supply, fit and align replacement bulbs for you.

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