Thinking about Black Box Insurance?

Thinking about Black Box Insurance?

Are you a new driver looking for insurance for the first time? 

You must be wondering whether there’s a way to reduce these eye-watering premiums!


Have you ever considered Black Box insurance?


Black Box’s (telematics) take your driving ability into consideration, so make sure you’re driving with your A game!


Is Black Box insurance for me? 

Eurofit Autocentres have put together a guide on how black box insurance works so you can see whether it is the right choice for you!


How does Black Box (Telematics) Insurance work?



You know those things that are in the road that tell you how fast to go? They’re not a suggestion! They’re in place for a reason, to protect you and others on the road. Telematics can track what road you’re driving on and pair it to the speed limit there. By sticking to the speed limit, you’re at a much lower risk of getting into an accident. Taking corners at high speeds is also dangerous and will wear your tyres significantly! If you ignore these speed limits you run the risk of getting your insurance cancelled by the telematics provider, making it more expensive for you to reinsure!


Braking Habits

Your braking habits are worth a thousand words to your insurance company. If you brake last minute at a junction it tells the insurance company that you’re not aware of your surroundings, have poor judgement and display dangerous tendencies on the road. Harsh braking will also wear your brake pads quicker and cause significant wear to your tyres quicker.


Time of day 

Night owl or early riser? The time of day you’re on the road has a big impact on the likelihood of getting into an accident. Driving in rush hour has the highest probability as there are lots of cars on the road, driving at night-time is nearly as bad as you run into more hazards when its dark. When driving at night be sure to have your headlights turned on!



The less you travel, the less likely you are to be in an accident! Insurers want to know this information before starting a new policy. With a Black Box policy, your insurer is able to estimate how close you are to hitting your limit, they will usually allow you to extend this, but for a fee! Be aware of these small hidden costs with Telematic insurance!



Insurers will always ask your location, and it’s not because they want to know that if they’re in the area they can pop in for a cup of tea! Your location will be assessed against the crime rate for that area. If your car is in a high crime location, then your driving score will suffer which may cost you.


There are some things which we just can’t change.


If you work a 9-5, you will be driving in rush hour, if you live in a high crime rate area, your premium will be higher.


Take control on the factors you can control, such as your braking habits, speed and milage.

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