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Motorists advised to book MOT early as government ends the COVID-19 'grace period'.

From the early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, the government issued the nation to stay at home. This caused concern for drivers who required an MOT during this lockdown period.

The DVSA had agreed to change the legal requirements for an MOT during the pandemic, leading to what is known as the ‘MOT grace period’.

The government have extended MOT’s for drivers who were due a test between 30th March and 31st July 2020.

The grace period came to an end on 31st July 2020, MOT’s are expected to be at an unusual height of demand from this point until November time. 

Eurofit Autocentres understands that extended MOT expiry dates will continue to be honoured for vehicles which have already been granted a six-month extension.

Cars, motorcycles and vans with an MOT expiry date before 1st August 2020 are still eligible for a six-month extension. 

This puts the rest of the nation who’s MOT’s are due afterwards in a knock on effect.

As demand will be high for MOT’s from the extension period, if you are unlucky enough to fall outside of the extension period this may affect you. 

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A vehicle must be roadworthy in order for it to be driven on a public road. The rules regarding this (Found in the highway code), still remain in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What this means is that it’s your responsibility to monitor the condition of your vehicle outside of your MOTs and services. You need to undertake essential checks on the tyres, bulbs, wipers batteries and more to ensure that its roadworthy.

Driving an unsafe road vehicle is an offence that could see you fined up to £2,500 and receive penalty points on your vehicle. Be smart and stay safe by keeping your MOT up to date so that your vehicle is road worthy!

Book in today for your MOT with Eurofit Autocentres, where we vow to make vehicle repair simple…

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