Five tips for new drivers

Five tips for new drivers

We know what it’s like when you’ve just passed your driving test- even more so when you’ve just purchased your first car.

No longer a pedestrian, you’re eager to get behind the wheel and explore the roads from the driver's seat instead of the passenger. 

With that said, being a new driver can be nerve-wracking and sometimes overwhelming. To avoid anxiety when travelling, here are five tips which can help keep you both focussed and confident;

Familiarise yourself with your car

The car you learned to drive in might not necessarily be the same as the first one you own. Before taking on the roads, make sure you’re familiar with every inch of your vehicle. It’s important to properly adjust your seat, and be aware of where all the vital functions are such as indicators, brakes, mirrors etc. Learning about your vehicle makes driving a significantly easier task.

Use P Plates

We know these might not make you look ‘cool’, but they are extremely important. P plates let other road users know that you’re a newbie, so they can better anticipate any potential errors you may make. Mistakes happen to even the most experienced drivers, so it is fully expected that newer drivers will have occasional lapses in concentration. 

Know where you’re going

Plan your route. Assess the area of your destination, get an idea of the roads you’re going to take, where you’re likely to park and where the nearest petrol/service station is. Try not to get in your car and drive aimlessly, be assured of your surroundings.


Remember the basics

Does mirror, signal, manoeuvre ring a bell? These are the very basics which helped you pass your test in the first place, keep hold of them and re-educate yourself if need be. You passed your test for a reason, do not change your driving style now that your provisional licence is a full one. 


Go for a weekend practice drive

Go for a drive when the roads aren’t so busy, this is more likely to be on a weekend- where you can avoid rush hour traffic. Increase your confidence, take your time and above all, enjoy the experience!


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