How will you be effected by Clean Air Zones?

Just when you thought driving couldn’t get more expensive!  

The Government made plans in 2015 to improve the air quality in cities by the year 2021 with the introduction of five Clean Air Zones.


What is a Clean Air Zone?

Clean Air Zone


Local authorities have the right to bring Clean Air Zone measures to their area to improve air quality to the residents.


At a first glance it was thought that the Clean Air Zones would only apply to HGV’s, buses and taxis.


However, this has now been widened to include all vehicles that were not compliant with the rules.


There will be two types of Clean Air Zones: non-charging and charging.

Eurofit Autocentres City Centre Traffic Clean Air Zone 

In a non-charging zone, the focus is on improving air quality, without charging vehicles for entering that zone.


Measures to control this could include traffic flow management to reduce vehicle emissions.


In a charging zone, drivers will be charged a fee to enter the area if their vehicle doesn’t meet the required environmental standards.


Where are these zones and when are they coming into action?

  • Bath – 15th March 2021
  • Birmingham – 1st June 2021
  • Bristol – 25th October 2021
  • London 29th October 2021


The benefits of the Clean Air Zone system


Cleaner air will benefit everyone in the long run, the cities air is heavily polluted from traffic coming in, out and around the city.


The elderly, young children and people with existing health conditions will benefit from this mostly.


Pollutants in the air that have been linked to vehicles can lead to respiratory infections, decreased lung function, heart problems and can worsen asthma.


This new system should decrease vehicles on the road, leading to less traffic, shortening your daily commute.


How do electric cars come into this?

Eurofit Autocentres Electric Cars 

From the year 2030, the production of petrol and diesel cars will come to an end in the UK.


Whilst 2030 seems like a lifetime away, a lot can still happen within that time!


If you are lucky enough to own an electric vehicle (EV) you will not be charged to drive through the Clean Air Zone.


What electric cars are on the market now?


Click here to see our guide on EV’s set to release in 2021!


With new vehicles being released by Citroen, Audi, and Land Rover this year, which vehicle would you choose?


Whilst the government does their bit to keep our roads less polluted, we’ll do our job to keep all vehicles repaired and road legal!


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