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Prevent your car from overheating this Summer!

Summers’ in for those roasting days and your eager to set off for vacation. Here’s a question, is your car prepared to prevent heat absorption and dehydration?

Opening the window for a fresh supply of air is one resolution for a hot car. We all like to sit in the shade to escape the sunshine and so does your car! Finding a shady area to park can minimise the risk of the sweltering sun-rays harming your car’s components. In fact a shady location can even save you fuel as it’s less likely to disintegrate. Battery failure, tyre blowouts and engine corruption are common signs of your car overheating, resulting in breakdowns and consequently delayed journey’s.


Water contained in your car’s battery evaporates quicker in the oppressive outdoors which can cause battery failure. We recommend, you get your battery checked by one our qualified technicians in advance.


Tyres face contact with hot road surfaces! Prolonged journey’s, incorrect tyre pressure and low tread depth in heated weather, can increase the risk of tyre blowouts. It is imperative to check all tyres beforehand.


Coolant which is a mixture 50% water and 50% antifreeze, regulates the temperature of the engine. Especially on hot days, the coolant acts as an protector to prevent engine malfunction, which is why it is crucial to top up before heading out. The engine coolant tank can be located under the bonnet. Always wear protective gloves when carrying out any routine checks. Take a look in your vehicle handbook for the correct type of coolant before topping up.

Engine oil

During this season, regular oil changes is important as it lubricates the components of the engine to increase performance. The correct oil for your car can be found in your vehicle handbook. Remember, always wear protective gloves to check and change the oil. The dipstick is located under the bonnet, be sure to read the minimum and maximum markings and add the required amount of oil between the measurements.

At Eurofit Autocentres, we’ll save you the hot and bothersome trouble of checking your car with a free health check. We even stock the cool breeze, with an aircon recharge from £49.95.

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