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Air Con Service

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A sufficient supply of air conditioning benefits us all in those hot summer days and minimises the risk of an overheated vehicle. In fact, air-conditioning can actually be used for demisting windows in the winter months which is why it is essential this cooling system works all year round.

Did you know? 

On average vehicle air conditioning systems will lose approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year.

Common signs of Air Conditioning faults 

  • Leaks caused by cracked pipes or loose connections
  • Excessive water or moisture in the system causing corrosion to mechanical components
  • Lack of or no cool air ventilating from the system

What does an Air Conditioning Service consist of at Eurofit Autocentres?

At Eurofit Autocentres we recommend an Air Conditioning Service every 2 years. Eurofits technicians conduct a pressure test to identify if there are any existing leaks in the system such as; cracked pipes or loose connections. In order to eliminate any water or moisture in the system, a vacuum test is performed. Oil is added to lubricate the system and your vehicle is then recharged and filled with R134A gas to enhance the cool breeze from the vent. A full report will be given as part of your service records to confirm what was undertaken.

*We currently do not service models that require R1234YR gas.

Eurofits Air conditioning guarantee

At Eurofit Autocentres we offer a full air con service which is more comprehensive than just a single recharge.