Winter Drives to Enjoy This Year!

Winter Drives to Enjoy This Year!

Winter Drives to Enjoy This Year! 

As long as the snow isn’t too bad and the roads are safe to drive on. We wanted to share some locations with spectacular views for you to enjoy this wintery season!

1. Lake District 

Without a doubt, the Lake District is a popular summer destination. You'll be able to enjoy the location better in the winter as there are fewer people there, the Lake District has amazing views to take in during the snowy season.

2. Northern Lights 

You can take a drive through Scotland appreciating the scenery alone in winter. Head north; the further north you go, the more likely you are to see the northern lights. The longer nights give better visibility of the lights which at night make it much easier to see them during the winter season.

3. Snowdonia 

Another location to visit in the winter because there will be fewer people. Snowdonia is best known for its walks, but it can also be enjoyed by cruising around and sightseeing, especially in the winter. The landscape views to be seen here in the snow are unparalleled, and you will not be disappointed with the drive.

4. The Scottish Highlands 

Scottish Highlands is filled with breathtaking routes, it becomes even more stunning during the winter with scenery being covered in a blanket of snow showing the routes in an entirely different way creating it very picturesque. 


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