Car tyre on background tree going through all seasons

Why All Season Tyres Are The Right Choice For You

It’s that time of year, where everyone seems to be telling you it’s time to get your winter tyres on like it’s a scarf.

Why can’t we have tyres for all-seasons?

What if I told you, that at Eurofit Autocentres we have a great range of tyres for all seasons!

All season, or all-weather tyres, are designed to blend the technologies of summer and winter tyres into a tyre that has the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Having these tyres will reassure you that you will get maximum performance and safety during warm summer weather and cold winter conditions.

While both can absolutely be used year-round, an all-season tyre is created with an intermediate rubber compound that allows them to perform well on warm summer roads and cold winter roads alike.

That’s a pretty smart tyre.

Aside from the temperature changes, all-season tyres are also designed to deal with heavy rainfall and snow/ice on the road surfaces.

The sipes and grooves within the tread allow the tyre to relieve surface water during heavy rainfall, while also providing grip and traction in snow and ice.

In the UK, we generally have mild winters and not-so-hot summers with a chance of downpours all year round.

Our climate is also known to experience all four seasons in one day.

For this reason, All-Season tyres are a great choice.

Come down to Eurofit Autocentres today where one of our friendly and qualified technicians will be able to help you.


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