What to Keep in Your Car During the Winter!

What to Keep in Your Car During the Winter!

What to Keep in Your Car During the Winter!

We shared some tips on how to drive safely in the winter weather with you last week. This week, we'll be sharing some items that will also help you deal with the cold weather.

  • Ice Scraper & De-Icer 

  • We feel like this is an obvious one but many people, particularly new drivers, overlook it! This will save you a lot of time in the morning instead of looking for a random item in the house or whatever you find after your shift at work. 

  • Mobile Phone 

  • Always keep your phone with you, and keep a phone charger in your car for longer journeys. You'll be able to contact people if you break down, and you'll be able to find alternate routes if something goes wrong on your current one. If you can't charge your phone in your car, bring a portable charger with you.

  • Warm clothing / blankets 

  • If you do break down, make sure you have extra clothing or blankets nearby. This way, while you're waiting for breakdown services, you'll be able to keep warm. Not only for if you break down, but also if you're stuck in traffic, turn off the car to save fuel and wear extra layers!

  • First Aid Kit

  • We should keep a first-aid kit in the car at all times. However, if you haven't already, winter is a good time to get one because accidents are more likely to occur due to weather and road conditions. Whether it's yourself or someone else on the road, you may be able to assist whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.

  • Tow rope & Jump leads 

  • Car breakdowns are more common in the winter because low temperatures affect car batteries, so jump leads are essential. If jump leads do not come to your rescue, having a family member or friend to tow you will most likely be faster than calling someone out, so having a tow rope or bar on hand will help.

    Batteries don't do well at all in low temperatures so it's important to have your battery at its best! At Eurofit we offer a free battery health check! We will test the battery to find out its condition and make sure you’re ready for the winter. 

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