Eurofit Autocentres Air Con Service

What is an Air-Con Service? And why do I need one?

Eurofit Autocentres is your one-stop vehicle repair shop offering a variety of services and health checks from MOT, diagnostic, and brakes

Our specialist technicians at Eurofit Autocentres offer services such as exhaust, brake, tyre and battery checks. 

But did you know Eurofit Autocentres also offer an important and often overlooked Air Con Service?

What is an Air-Con Service and why is it so important? 

A sufficient supply of air conditioning benefits you greatly in those hot summer days and minimises the risk of an overheated vehicle.

In fact, air-conditioning actually eliminates pollutants which ensure the air inside your vehicle is free of harmful bacteria.

Did you know bacteria, mould and fungi can build up on the evaporator in your air-con system causing foul smells that secrete when the aircon is turned on? Not what you need on a long summers drive! 

The air-con system is also used to demist your windscreen to improve your view of the road. So it is fair to say it’s essential the cooling system works not only in the summer months but all year round! Not to mention this can cause sickness and respiratory problems as spore of bacteria are blown in your direction and inhaled by all passengers!

You may not necessarily use the air conditioning system often especially during colder months, however, the system can lose refrigerant gas if it is not used regularly.

Did you know?

On the average vehicle, air conditioning systems will lose approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year!

Also! Bringing your vehicle in for an air-con service drastically improves the efficiency of your vehicle, in turn putting less strain on your engine resulting in using less fuel and saving you money! 

What are the signs and causes of Air Conditioning faults?

  • Leaks caused by cracked pipes or loose connections
  • Excessive water or moisture in the system causing corrosion to mechanical components
  • Lack of or no cool air ventilating from the system

How will you know if you need a recharge? 

Call any of our Autocentres for a free Air Con performance check! If it has been a while since your last air-con check or maybe you’ve never had one before! Why not book in with Eurofit Autocentres for a free performance check! 

What will we check?

Most manufacturers recommend an Air Conditioning Service every 2 years. Our ATA technicians can identify whether the air-con system requires a recharge or repair and provide you with a no-obligation comprehensive quote before any works are undertaken.

What does a recharge entail? 

The process is fairly simple and time-efficient. After assessing your vehicle, our specially trained technicians remove any old or refrigerant gas and oil from your air-con system.

After that, our technicians will replace the old gas with the correct amount of new refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. 

The entire Air-con system is then tested and checked and you will once again have cool and refreshing air on demand, just in time for those summer months! 

*We currently do not service models that require R1234YR gas.

How long does an Aircon service take?

Approximately 1 hour, however, it all depends on your vehicle's make, model and condition.

Contact your local Eurofit Autocentre to book in for your free Air-Con performance check. 

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