Top 10 tips on saving fuel!

Top 10 tips on saving fuel!

With petrol prices soaring to alarming rates, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is fuel-efficient and not wasting petrol. There are measures you can take to save on fuel and simultaneously make the most of each drop. Check out our top ten tips below;

1. Take proper care of your vehicle

Ensure your car is in good enough condition so that its fuel consumption remains efficient. Check your engine regularly- a poorly performing engine can often lead to excessive fuel consumption, particularly on shorter drives where fuel is expended more. 

2. Relax on the pedal

Excessive speed is the number one reason for fuel-guzzling. Be a light touch, ensure your acceleration is gentle and avoid unnecessary speeds. We understand that increased speed can shorten travel times, but upping your speed when you are not required to do so can result in more frequent trips to petrol stations.

3. Keep moving

Drive smoothly, constantly stopping and starting can have a huge impact on your petrol. Don’t over-engage on the accelerator and breaks, plan your journeys so you don't stop and start at regular intervals.

4. Keep your tyres inflated

The impact of under-inflated tyres can’t be overstated. Not taking proper care of your tyres can take a bigger toll on your vehicle than you might think. Keep your tyres properly pumped up so they are safer and last longer. 

5. Stay aerodynamic 

Driving with an open window can increase fuel consumption. Bear this in mind on longer journeys. Having your windows down makes your car work harder than necessary. Roll up your windows for peak performance and enjoy the benefits of less fuel consumption.

6. Be moderate with AC usage

The air-conditioning system is an essential car part, but it’s important to use it as and when required. If you can avoid using AC, it can be helpful to do so. Make use of your windows for free air and avoid overworking your AC unit.

7. Keep your engine warm

A warm engine is very efficient for fuel consumption as cold starts require more petrol. Round trips are more fuel-efficient than short trips, before setting out on a short journey, ask yourself if it’s within walking or cycling distance.

8. Lighten your load

The heavier your vehicle, the more petrol is required to drive it. Keep your car as light as possible, especially if you are carrying passengers. This is a key factor to consider when towing, ensure your trailer is travel-ready and doesn’t have any needed additions.

9. Switch your engine off when possible

Stuck in traffic? Switch your engine off. Idling doesn’t get you anywhere but it still burns fuel. When in stand-still traffic, remember to switch your engine off and save on fuel. Using up valuable petrol when you aren’t moving is an extremely frustrating experience for any driver.

10. Save cruise control for motorways 

Driving at a constant, consistent speed is key for minimal fuel consumption. Maintain an appropriate speed on the motorway, and turn on your cruise control. Do not forget to keep those windows rolled down!

11. Bonus tip- Keep your tank filled!

Keep your tank full as often as you can. Don’t leave it until your fuel light flashes, stay proactive and ensure your car is adequately fuelled. You have enough to focus on during a journey without the added stress of needing to locate a refuelling point.

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