Summer Cool Driving

Summer Cool Driving

Nothing shouts summer vibes like a road trip! Driving in the scorching heat doesn’t have to be a sweltering experience. You can easily prepare your vehicle so that it is equipped to deal with hotter weather. Here are five tips on how to get your car summer-ready;

Check your engine and radiator.

Check for any irregularities within your engine and radiator, such as leaks or debris build-up. Coolant reservoirs are required because engines go through cycles of expelling and absorbing coolant as they warm up and cool down. Ensure your coolant reservoir is appropriately filled.

Upgrade to summer tyres.

Tyres & tyre health are often taken for granted, especially in hot weather; however, the benefits of properly inflated tyres should not be underestimated. Summer tyres are much more efficient on warm pavements and make for a smoother drive than winter tyres. Get these changed as soon as possible.

Check your AC health.

It’s the perfect time to get your AC checked and make sure it’s functioning correctly. On hot, sweaty days it’s important to have the relief of aircon- particularly if your vehicle is carrying passengers. Eurofit Autocentres offers a free air-con check ensuring your hot weather road ready!

Check your brakes.

Check to see if your brakes are in good condition or whether they need replacing. Braking distances change in accordance with weather, ensure your brakes are ready for warmer road surfaces. If you are planning on towing, check to see if your trailer is up to code.

Stay hydrated.

A simple tip, but a vital one. If you are dehydrated it can affect your concentration and ultimately, your driving ability. Drink plenty of water and if possible, keep a bottle in your car, particularly if you have to make a long trip.

To ensure your car is cool for the summer, use code AIR10 for 10% off your air-con service, book now using our easy-to-use website or visit your local centre. Need help finding us? Find our centre information here.

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