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This common mistake is costing you more money...

Tyres can account for up to 20% of your car’s fuel consumption, so tyres that are unsuitable for the weather or in poor condition will see you needlessly part with extra cash.

Every year car owners spend excess money on fuel, not knowing that something as simple as properly fitted tyres can save them plenty of money.

When your car tyres rotate around different road surfaces, they eventually cause energy loss. If your tyres are in poor health, your vehicle will naturally consume more fuel and as a result, will be unkind to your bank balance.

Here's how to avoid spending more than you need to;


Be aware of seasonal changes

Different weather means different tyres. Although not illegal, it’s not recommended to keep the same set of tyres all year round. Summer tyres have a relatively hard compound, which softens in mild temperatures to be able to adapt to dry as well as wet roads. Summer tyres can handle most conditions, but they are not suitable for harsher, colder climates. They have less rubber than winter tyres and they can harden and become brittle if used consistently on wet and icy roads.

Winter tyres in comparison have higher rubber content, which keeps them supple in the cold. They soften and are able to interlock with wet road surfaces when used, improving the car’s grip and stability on the road. Winter tyres perform best in temperatures below 7 degrees C, therefore more adept at handling colder weather.


Get clued up on rolling resistance

Rolling resistance is the force required to keep your vehicle moving at a certain pace. It’s determined by the amount of friction applied to the tyres, which in turn effects the energy and fuel usage by your car. Low rolling resistance means less force is needed to keep the tyres functioning adequately, and in turn, less fuel is consumed. Bear in mind, the weight of the vehicle, gravity and inertia, the amount of friction between the tires and the road surface, and air drag all play a part in rolling resistance.


Need fuel efficient tyres?

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