Eurofit Autocentres customer and technician

Book your MOT for just £39 at Eurofit Autocentres

At Eurofit Autocentres we have a roster of skilled technicians who are dedicated to making sure your vehicle is in the best hands.

No matter the issue, we will fix it and you can rest assured you will be provided with the best possible service. 

All UK registered vehicles over 3 years old are required by law to have an annual inspection known as the MOT test. This is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum government standards for roadworthiness, vehicle safety and emission levels. You can book up to 31 days before its due date.

If your car is deemed not up to code for any particular reason, you could pose a threat to other road users as well as endangering your own health and any passengers you may be carrying. It’s important to schedule an MOT check when necessary- remember, an MOT is NOT the same as a service.

You can be forgiven for thinking that if your vehicle has passed an MOT test, it is reliable and safe to drive for another year, however, the MOT test is the very basic in terms of an assessment. The MOT inspector conducting the check is not allowed to make any alternations to any mechanical components during examination.

We understand that MOTs can be costly, particularly with the rise in fuel prices, but at Eurofit Autocentres, we’ve got you covered. You can book an MOT with us at a reduced price of just £39, dropping from the original price of £44.99- this represents a drop in price, but not in quality.

Book yours online today. Use code MOT5 when checking in and get £5 off.

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