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MOT, how is the virus effecting my vehicle?

The announcement made by the Government to suspend all MOT expiry dates for 6 months has been a relief to motorists across the UK. Covid-19 has effected our lives in many ways and especially our attitudes towards driving. With social distancing end not in sight, all drivers have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

The guidelines released by the Government states that if your vehicle is due for an MOT on or after 30th March 2020, your vehicle will qualify for the extension. You cannot renew your road tax until your MOT date has been extended on the official Government website.

You must check your eligibility 7 days before it is due to expire on the following link to confirm if your vehicles MOT has been extended.

However, the major responsibility for the driver is to maintain the vehicle and keep it roadworthy for those essential trips. You must take your vehicle to be repaired if it is unsafe. The law still applies if you are found driving a vehicle that is unfit for the roads, I.e. a bald tyre, faulty brakes.

You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Drivers must stay safe and have a duty of care for other motorists and pedestrians.

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