Latest Driving Laws and Fines Revealed - Buckle Up For These Shocking Changes!

Latest Driving Laws and Fines Revealed - Buckle Up For These Shocking Changes!

As society continues to evolve, so do the laws and regulations that govern our daily lives. Driving laws, in particular, are subject to change as new technologies emerge, safety concerns arise, and society's values shift. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the changes that have arisen this April, affecting many road users' day-to-day lives.

‘Overstay charge':

For those who live in Sheffield and drive electric cars, you may face a fine of up to £20 if you are found to be stopped at charging stations for too long. The 'overstay charge' is being introduced to tackle some road users who are making it difficult for many to charge their cars and to prevent other drivers from being blocked when needing to charge.

This measure has come into effect from April 1, with Glasgow introducing a £30 fine. The Express has reported that 'a motorist left his vehicle charging overnight and received a fine of £123 when the charge was only supposed to cost £26.' While the fine for overstaying at charging stations may seem harsh to some, it's important to consider the impact of this behaviour on other drivers who also need to charge their cars.

Additionally, this could encourage more responsible behaviour from electric car users, which could ultimately benefit the environment and promote the growth of the electric car industry.

However, it's also important to address concerns about the potential negative impact of fines on the adoption of electric cars. Fines could discourage some people from buying electric cars if they feel that charging is too inconvenient or expensive. This highlights the need for cities to provide more accessible and affordable charging options for electric car users, as well as educating drivers on responsible charging practices.

If this new fine becomes successful in tackling electric car users who are taking advantage of charging stations, we expect this will be introduced in more cities across the UK where overstaying is becoming an issue and danger to others.

Car Tax Changes:

New vehicle tax rates have been released. The most important takeaway is that charges are increasing for almost all vehicles, with the exception of electric vehicles, which are still tax-exempt until 2025. Those with petrol and diesel vehicles registered after the deadline of April 1, from vehicles 51 to 75 CO2 band, will need to pay £30, up from £25.

The most polluting petrol and diesel vehicles, which are vehicles over 255 CO2 band, will need to pay £2,605, a rise of a whopping £240 from last year to battle pollution to the planet.

Council Gains New Powers:

Reading council and Hampshire council are set to gain new powers in ‘Spring 2023’ allowing them to enforce moving traffic offences.

This ranges from £20 to £105 for late payment of high level penalties which include driving in a bus lane, stopping in a yellow bus junction or illegal U turns.

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