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How to stay safe during a motorway breakdown!

Although I am sure you’ve taken all preventative measures to ensure your car is in the best working order before getting on to the motorway. 

You took your car to Eurofit Autocentres as soon as you started hearing the strange sound. And it was repaired by a professional with no fuss and at a great price! 

You Utilised the Free health check Eurofit Autocentres offers as soon as your 'check engine' light came on.

But on the off chance that you did not, you now run the risk of running down on the motorway.

If your vehicle has broken down on a motorway, attempt to get off of the motorway as soon as possible.

There is nothing scarier than being broken down as your vehicle cuts out and doesn’t start and there are cars whizzing past at 70mph.

What to do if you've broken down on the motorway:

Firstly! Put your hazards on!

2. Use an emergency area, these are lay-by type areas with SOS telephone boxes.

3. If you cannot get to an emergency area, but your car is drivable, safely move it to the hard shoulder if possible.

4. If the Hard shoulder is being used as a live lane, please call Highways England (03001235000) or the police (999). 

For more information on smart motorways check out our previous blog

5. Turn your wheels to the left.

6. Leave the vehicle by the left-hand doors and encourage passengers to do the same. 

7. Wait at a safe distance BEHIND the crash barrier

8. If you have one handy, wear a high-visibility jacket or vest to help other road users see you. 

9. DO NOT attempt to cross the carriageway. 

10. Do not attempt even simple repairs.  

Safety advise for breakdowns

It is generally recommended that you wait outside of your vehicle behind a suitable barrier if there is one and away from your vehicle.

It is not recommended that you return to your vehicle unless absolutely necessary.

Ensure hazard lights and sidelights are kept on as the purpose is to make your vehicle as visible as possible.

If there are pets in your vehicle, it is recommended that they are left in the vehicle unless there it is safer to keep them out. But if you do take them out please ensure they are kept under control and behind the crash barrier at all times to minimise the risk of injury.

But the best thing you can do to ensure your car is never in this situation is to be prepared! 

Take your vehicle to a qualified vehicle repair centre like Eurofit Autocentres if you have any concerns at all!

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