Eurofit Keeps You Cool For The Summer

Eurofit Keeps You Cool For The Summer

Are you finally ready to start planning those summer road trip getaways now that the weather is warming up and lockdown restrictions are easing?

Let's face it; there's nothing worse than driving long distances in a crowded car and having to rely on the windows constantly rolled down because your air conditioning isn't working as well as it used to.

Fortunately, Eurofit Autocentres air-conditioning service will keep you cool and on the road this summer.

Don't sweat it; our expert technicians have compiled a handy list of common air conditioning fault signs and causes:

  • Insufficient or no cool air ventilating from the system. 
  • Damp, pungent, chemical, or gas odours when the air-con is on.
  • Excessive water or moisture in the system causes mechanical components to corrode. 
  • Air-con won’t turn on/off.

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your air-con serviced every two years. 

Our ATA technicians can determine whether your air conditioning system needs to be recharged or repaired and provide you with a no-obligation comprehensive quote before any work is done.

That being said, now is the ideal time to book an air conditioning service for your motor. 

Book online via our website with just a few simple clicks today!

Our technicians are waiting for you.

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