Eurofit Autocentres goes viral?! - Join The Discussion Over On Our TikTok!

Eurofit Autocentres goes viral?! - Join The Discussion Over On Our TikTok!

  • Meet Zaf our technician turned rising social media star on TikTok!
  • Get a behind the scenes at Eurofit Autocentres with our awesome Q&A sessions on TikTok!

Eurofit Autocentre's entertaining and informative social media channel on Tik Tok has garnered tons of attention, as fans flock to the platform to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life at the centre! 

Want to see some awesome and informative content about all things vehicle repair? 

Do you have any burning questions for our friendly mechanics? As you can see they're more than happy to help you with any concerns you might have! Vehicle repair-related or general car advice and trivial our TikTok has it all! 

“What should I check before buying a used car?” Chris asked - Everyone's favourite technician Zaf had some great advice on social media to help Chris make an informed decision when buying a used car! 

We love your fun questions too! “What’s the highest mileage car you've ever seen?” asked Dylan. According to Zaf, he once saw a VW Golf mk4 that had over 450,000 miles! He went on to share that the car was in perfect working order and credits the vehicle's longevity to the regular service and oil changes! 

The video has almost half a million views on TikTok with tons of fans sharing the most amount of miles on a car they've ever seen! Click here to watch it now

What's the highest mileage you have ever heard of? Let us know on our TikTok! 

Have we come up on your FYP yet? 

We’re thrilled to interact with our customers and go beyond simply repairing your vehicle, so head on over to our TikTok and ask us a question! Whilst you're there check out some of the frequently asked questions we already have up, you might just find the answer to your questions!

Follow @eurofitautocentres on TikTok and join the discussion! 

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