Car modifications you probably didn’t know are Illegal

Car modifications you probably didn’t know are Illegal

Here at Eurofit, we understand that sometimes you may want to make certain adjustments to your car. This could be for performance or aesthetic reasons, it’s nice to make little changes here and there to keep your car feeling up to date.

However, certain car modifications are actually illegal, and you could be punished for them. It’s essential to be aware of what you can add to your vehicle, and what additions could land you in a spot of bother.

Neon and Tinted Lights

The UK motoring law specifies that bright neon lights are not allowed on Britain’s roads in most cases- as they as seen as a distraction to other road users. The main headlights should always be white and yellow, whilst the back two lights must remain red. In regards to brightness, they must not be too bright as they may dazzle other road users, and if they are too dim it’s hazardous as it limits your visibility. 

Tinted windows

Perhaps the most well known illegal mod, excessively tinted windows are strictly forbidden by UK motoring law. Entirely blacked-out windows are never allowed, whether you’re driving or selling a car. The windscreen must not under any circumstances be any less than 75% tint free. However, the one possible exception to this rule is if your vehicle was made before the 1st of April 1985.

Loud exhausts 

Cars that are modified to have loud exhausts are breaking the law if they are louder than the limit of 74 decibels. Whilst it may make your vehicle sound a lot more powerful, the exhaust will be producing more emissions and noise, so as per the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) it is not deemed road legal. 

Certain spoilers

This one is very particular, as modifying spoilers themselves is not inherently illegal- but the method of the modification could well be. A spoiler can have an effect on how fast and dynamic a car is, but if it is loosely installed or poorly fitted, this is then illegal. A sharp turn could result in the spoiler detaching from the vehicle, which will cause a hazard to other road users. 

Specific engine modifications 

Making modifications to car engines is never recommended. The engine on any vehicle is obviously extremely important and key to how the car performs on the roads. A popular mod is the use of Nitrous Oxide to increase cylinder pressure. This increased pressure could damage your engine and cause it to fail, so it would be wise to steer clear of such changes.

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