Are you making the most of your fuel consumption? Five ways to improve fuel economy!

Are you making the most of your fuel consumption? Five ways to improve fuel economy!

With the recent fuel shortage in the United Kingdom, Eurofit Autocentres have written this handy guide full of advice to improve your fuel consumption and help you make the most of your miles.  


Clear the boot! 

Many of us become custom to keeping lots of unecessary items in our car, especially the boot. This is the best time to have a clear out and lighten the load of the car to make the most out of your fuel. This is because having less weight in the car will use less fuel when travelling making your fuel last longer.  

Check your type pressure! 

Having the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is critical to maintaining efficiency when it comes to getting the most out of your fuel. Underinflated tyres reduce road grip, handling, and braking distance while also consuming more fuel. So, check what tyre pressure is required for your tyres and save money on fuel and increase the life spam of your tyres! 

Maintain your vehicle! 

Having your vehicle serviced according to its maintenance schedule will improve the vehicle's overall performance. Following your plan will also save you money on potential future problems. This will increase your overall MPG and allow for better fuel economy.  

What about the aircon? 

If you can avoid using the air conditioning, do so. Because air conditioning increases your car's fuel consumption, it's important to only use it when absolutely necessary If your goal is to save fuel.  

Be sure to use a SatNav! 

When travelling to a new location, make sure to plan your route ahead of time. Most SatNavs and apps now provide you with the quickest and best routes to take, as well as vital information along the way if necessary. This will keep you from losing your way and wasting fuel getting back on route. 

Eurofit Autocentres are here to help! We provide a free tyre health check as well as a free brake inspection. You can also book a service at your local Eurofit or online starting at £85.  

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