6 Things you should never leave in a hot car!

6 Things you should never leave in a hot car!

Summer is officially here and it’s here in full force! So it might be time for a quick car clear out! It’s the perfect time for a road trip, but before you reach for the AC; consider the items locked in your parked car for hours! A gust of hot muggy air may not be the only thing you’re met with when you open that door! 

Some of these may be super obvious! But consider it a reminder to double-check under the seats. (Who knows what’s down there!)  

Avoid a messy meltdown (literally!) and keep your summer vibes on track by removing these items from your car asap! 


It’s bad enough lipstick is so expensive!! You will be heartbroken if you find a melted mess next time you go to reapply! Not to mention the mess it could make in your bag! So have a root through and make sure your bag is clear for any meltable lipsticks. 


Now, this is an important one! Some medications have recommended storage temperatures! Although it’s the just habit to keep medications you may need in your bag handy, check to see if the hot weather will spoil them! Medicines like antibiotics should not be stores in temperatures over 25ºC. If you have an EpiPen or carry adrenaline these can also perish in hot temperatures. 

Disposable lighters 

This one is both obvious and super overlooked! Lighters locked in a hot car for prolonged periods is never a good idea! For obvious reasons…

Plastic bottles 

If you asked what would I expect to find in a car during summer, My first guess would be bottled water! However, you may find this to a bigger issue than it is refreshing… There is widespread concern over the chemicals used to make plastic bottles and the fear of these chemicals being released into the water. This risk grows bigger when counting in the factor of melting plastic. 

Deodorant or pressurised canisters 

Here’s another hot-weather essential that could take an ugly turn should it get too hot! Deodorant is a definite must-have during the summer months however, try not to keep it in your car! The heat can cause a massive pressure build-up causing it to blow!  


Again… Your summer essentials are at risk! The active ingredients used to make sun cream can break down as temperatures rise in the car and the closed packaging. Leaving the risk for your sun cream bottles to explode and leave a nasty mess that will be devilishly difficult to remove from your car upholstery.

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