5 Winter Driving Tips!

5 Winter Driving Tips!

5 Winter Driving Tips!


With shorter days and longer nights it means that winter is only round the corner! Here’s 5 driving tips that can help keep you safe this winter! 


1. Don’t be lazy! 

In the morning when you’re preparing your car, make sure that you defrost your car properly and you aren’t just looking through a small gap when driving! To assist with defrosting, turn on the warm air on the windscreen and remove the snow with a soft brush.

2. Visibility! 

Don’t let the snow keep you from being seen! Make certain that all of your lights, front and back, are completely free of snow. Another tip whilst doing your lights also remove the snow off your license plates to avoid fines.

3. Have the right tyres!

The conditions of the roads worsen in winter and your tyres can help keep you safe; main roads will be less hazardous, but not all roads will be treated with the same care. We strongly advise you to have the correct tyre tread. Even better, you could get winter tyres that are designed for snow and ice, giving you more traction.

4. Plan your journey!

Always try to plan your route ahead of time, and use main roads as much as possible because they are more likely to be cleared of snow and gritted. Take off earlier than usual because journeys will take longer in the winter.

5. Drive carefully!

When driving in winter conditions, be extra cautious. Here are a few things you can do to help with this. If your vehicle has a winter mode, it will start in higher gears, reducing tyre spin. Reduce the risk of an accident by increasing the stopping distance between yourself and other vehicles. When approaching a bend, brake before starting to turn; this way, you'll have more control. Hills can be tricky; try to maintain the same speed without changing gears when going uphill. 

Remember, Eurofit specialises in brakes, servicing, MOTs, and tyres! Prepare for winter by visiting your nearest Eurofit or booking online!

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