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5 Cars For Under 5k

Nothing will ever replace your first car, it’s your first taste of pure freedom!

However, during this pandemic money is tight, so you still have a relatively small budget to buy your next set of wheels. It’s a dilemma faced by many young drivers…

At Eurofit Autocentres, we’ve done our research and studied the second-hand car market to come up with 5­ second-hand car options, for less than £5000.

  • Skoda Octavia – If you want some serious value for money, then look no further than the Mark 2 Skoda Octavia (2004-13).

Probably much bigger and comfortable than your first run around, it’s easy to drive and also some peace of mind thanks to Skoda’s reputation for dependability. There are plenty of ex-company high-milers floating around for peanuts, don’t be fooled! Pay closer to £4000 for a privately-owned lower mileage car.


  • Mini Clubman – Like the look of a Mini? But not the pretzel folding that comes with it to fit inside? Look no further than the Mini Clubman Estate! Still as quirky as the original Clubman, but with more space. Its comfortable, fun to drive and screams good build quality. A low milage clubman will set you back around £4000.


  • Ford Focus – The Ford Focus has been the UK’s most popular car since its launch in 1998, thanks to its winning combination of practicality and driving dynamics. There are an abundance or Mark 1’s and 2’s for sale if you’re on a very tight budget! Choose carefully, and you’ll find one with plenty of life left in it. However, if you want a Ford Focus that will give you a lengthier service then opt for a Mark 3 (2011-18) Expect to pay at least £4000 for a low mileage example.


  • Volkswagen Golf – The Volkswagen Golf is a classic hot hatchback. A classy medium-sized car with definite badge appeal, the VW Golf holds its value well. Refined, classic and spacious is an understatement. The Golf boasts great handling, impressive ride comfort with a solid range of efficient petrol and diesel engines. A low mileage Mark 6 will set you back at least £4000.


  • Vauxhall Astra – The Vauxhall Astra is a patriotic hatchback choice because it’s been built at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire since 1979. A budget of up to £5000 will buy you a Mark 6 car (2009-15) with low mileage from 2010 onwards. It’s not the most dynamic car to drive, but it’s comfortable, refined and maintaining it won’t cost the Earth. Look to pay at least £3000 for a decent example.


Here at Eurofit Autocentres, we think that these are 5 great options!

Whether you're a new driver or just simply on a budget, any of these cars will be great for you. 

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