5 Autumn Maintenance Vehicle Musts

5 Autumn Maintenance Vehicle Musts

Does anyone else feel as if they've blinked and it's suddenly the end of August? As the days grow shorter and the weather starts to change, use our ULTIMATE Autumn checklist below to drive safely into Autumn with Eurofit Autocentres this year.


It is critical that you follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. As your mileage increases throughout the summer, you want to feel confident moving into Autumn that everything is working as it should and your motor is road-ready. 

Looking for the best place to service or inspect your motor? Visit your nearest Eurofit Autocentres, where our friendly technicians will do everything in their power to alleviate any vehicle concerns you may have.    


The transition from Summer to Autumn is an ideal time to check all of your vital fluids. Everything from brake fluid to window washer fluid is important in keeping you and other road users safe on your autumnal road trips/journeys. 


Colder air can cause your tyres to lose pressure, leading to tyre wear and a loss of road control. Our expert technicians are well-versed in the warning signs to be on the lookout for. Regular free tyre health checks from your local Eurofit Autocentres will improve your driving safety and fuel efficiency. Our health checks take about 30 minutes (dependent on your vehicle's make, model, and condition). 


It's no secret that Autumn in the UK can be extremely cold and wet. We can't think of anything worse than getting into your car and turning on the engine to be greeted by cold air and no warmth. 

Book a vehicle air conditioning service today, and our ATA technicians will determine whether the air conditioning system needs to be recharged or repaired, and will provide you with a no-obligation comprehensive quote before any work is done. 


Cold air can make it difficult for car batteries to deliver power to your vehicle's electrical components (especially if your vehicle is left outside in harsh weather conditions). Battery and light checks are recommended to ensure you are not jeopardised when travelling in inclement weather that reduces visibility.  

Now that you've read our ultimate Autumn checklist we're treating you to £5 off MOT & Services with promo code SERVICE5 (terms and conditions apply). Book your motor into Eurofit Autocentres today!

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