Man in car with arm and head outside of window, shouting at other driver

10 Tips To Avoid Road Rage

When driving, we all get a little road rage at times.

Did you know that honking your horn aggressively at another driver can land you a fine up to £1000?

At times, we shout at the road, throw our hands up in the air, carry out a monologue of expletives that would make a sailor proud...

A survey shows that 20% of motorists have gotten out of their vehicle to argue with another motorist.

20% of drivers have admitted to actually follow another driver home after an incident.

40% of drivers admit that having a bad day has led them to taking out the aggression on other motorists.

10% of drivers were tipped over the edge by dangerous overtaking by other impatient tailgaters. ­­ 

10% of drivers have said that their road rage comes from the people inside the car.

The allocated shotgun messing with the radio, squabbling children in the backseat and the annoying chatter of fellow passengers can be testing at times.

However, when other drivers are the causing the issue it makes it difficult to know how anything you could do would change the inevitable... but it’s not about changing other drivers behaviours, it is about changing how you respond and react to those other drivers that is the key.

Luckily for you, Eurofit Autocentres have put together their Top 10 Tips to avoiding Road Rage.

  1. Be vigilant to your surroundings.
  2. Anticipate other drivers’ behaviours & expect the unexpected.
  3. Allow people plenty of space.
  4. Accept that the problem is often with them not you.
  5. Focus on maintaining your own excellent driving standards.
  6. Take deep breaths.
  7. Eat good, wholesome foods to keep your energy up and tiredness at bay.
  8. Practice mindful positivity.
  9. Listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks to occupy your mind.
  10. Get on with your journey and arrive safely at your destination.



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