Service Breakdown Interim Service Full Service Dealer Scheduled Service
How Often 6 months or 6000 12 months or 12,000 miles Bespoke
Pre-Service Road Test
Visible Damage
Fit Protect seat-covers/Floor mats
Warning lights on Dashboard
Engine Noise
Transmission Noise
Clutch Operation
Steering Operation
Foot brake Operation
Hand brake Operation
Road Test*
Interior Checks
Diagnostic Code Scan N/A
Switches/Horn/Tell tale light
Heater Control/ Air-con N/A
Interior Lamps
Front Wash/Wiper
Rear Wash/Wiper
Front Seat Belts
Rear Seat Belts N/A
Drivers View N/A
Exterior Checks
Side Lights
Headlights Main/Dipped Beam
Front Fog Lights
Rear Fog Lights
Brake Lights
Reverse Lights
Registration Plate Light
Door Operation & Hinges N/A
Boot/Bonnet Operation
Spare Wheel (If Fitted) N/A
Fuel Filter Cap N/A
Vehicle Fully Raised Checks
Engine Oil & Filter Replaced
Oil Leaks
Exhaust System
CV Gaiters N/A
Fuel Pipes - Condition N/A
Gearbox/Differential Oils N/A
Engine/Gear Mounting Condition N/A
Vehicle Half Raised Checks
FR Brake PADS Visual
FR Brake DISCS Visual
RR Brake PADS/SHOES Visual
RR Brake DISC/DRUM Visual
Brake Calliper/Cylinder N/A
Brake Hose/Pipes N/A
Mechanical Brake Components N/A
Steering System N/A
Wheel Bearing-Play/Noise N/A
Shock Absorber & Mountings N/A
Suspension Road Springs N/A
Tyre Pressures
Tyre Conditions/Wear
Under the Bonnet
Alternator N/A
Starter Motor N/A
Auxiliary Belt (Condition) N/A
Air Filter (Replaced) N/A
Cabin/Pollen Filter replaced N/A
replaced in accordance to manufactures recommendation (chargeable)
Fuel Filter replaced N/A
replaced in accordance to manufactures recommendation (chargeable)
Spark plugs replaced N/A
replaced in accordance to manufactures recommendation (chargeable)
Brake fluid renewed/condition N/A
Power Steering Fluid Topped Up
Windscreen washer fluid topped
Final Checks/Road Test
Wheels tightened to correct torque
Diagnostics Scan Check N/A
Locking wheel nut/key replaced
Service indicator reset + Stamp book
Wheel alignment (Check/Adjust) N/A
Road Test* N/A

* - carried out at the descretion of the Technician

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