AdBlue top up

Diesel cars and vehicles produce more toxins and pollutants than petrol engines. Some diesel vehicles are fitted with an AdBlue tank that requires frequent top ups of AdBlue solution. AdBlue is designed to reduce the transmission of harmful pollutants emitted by diesel engines.

Commons signs and causes of AdBlue faults

  • AdBlue warning light shown on dashboard
  • Pollutants from the engine
  • Engine malfunction
  • Reduced speed

What will we do?

An AdBlue symbol illuminating on the dashboard is an indication that your car needs attending to and that’s where our Eurofit technicians come in. We can run a diagnostics test and top up the AdBlue tank if levels are significantly low. If you’re unsure of where your AdBlue is located simply check your handbook. If there are any problems identified with the engine our technicians will give you a full report on your vehicle’s condition and no obligation quote if any works are required.  

How often do I need to top up?

We recommend regular top ups if you drive quite often. You can find out more information on AdBlue top up in your handbook.

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