Common signs of ABS Faults

The Anti-lock Braking System warning light will briefly illuminate on the dashboard when your vehicle’s ignition is switched on. If the light continues to illuminate whilst driving, this signifies a fault with the ABS and a diagnostics check is required. Potential ABS faults can be triggered from the unit, ring damage, sensor issues and incorrect readings.

Common signs of Airbag Faults

The Air bag warning light will illuminate on the dashboard once the vehicle’s ignition is started and should disappear after a few seconds. If the lights is still illuminating whilst driving, there may be faults with the seat belt system, wiring under the seat or clock spring. Faults can affect your vehicles air bag deploying which can be dangerous if in the event of a crash.

Identifying ABS & Airbag Faults

Eurofit Autocentres have Dealership Standard Diagnostics tooling, to test components on your vehicle without removing them, saving you time and money. Our qualified and experienced technicians will plug a diagnostics computer into your vehicle to retrieve the trouble code with faults identified. The complexity of modern vehicles with sensors, wiring & motors may require further test to pinpoint accurate faults.

Eurofit Autocentres recommend a diagnostics test if you are experiencing faults with the ABS & Airbag system.

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