This car costs less than £20 a month but isn't actually a car at all?! - Check out the new Citroen Ami - The future is electric!

This car costs less than £20 a month but isn't actually a car at all?! - Check out the new Citroen Ami - The future is electric!

You can’t deny a bargain and the Citroen Ami is definitely just that! Even better when you are not only saving money but helping the environment!

The innovative vehicle is priced at £7695 or as little as £19.99 a month on a PCP finance plan. The amazing electric vehicle is set to be the cheapest form of electric transport in the UK.

The Ami has very few rivals in its category as it technically isn't a car at all. It is classified as an electric quadricycle, heard of before by models such as the Renault Twixy, although the Twizy is not currently on sale in the UK.

What are the selling points for this unique form of transport?

Other than the obvious attractive price point the Citroen Ami has many desirable features and attractive benefits that may cause us to see a big rise in this futuristic vehicle.

  • The Ami takes around 3 hours to recharge completely.
  • The vehicle has a 5.5kWh battery. According to official figures, this yields a range of 46 miles between recharges.
  • With the Ami, you get an 8bhp motor and a top speed limited to 28mph

Fun Fact: The Citroen is a french manufactured vehicle and in France, the Ami can be driven by 14-year-olds without a licence. No such legal exception applies in the UK, so you’ll need a full UK driving licence.

  • All the Amis are finished in a flat grey colour, but three colour packs (orange, blue or grey) are available for £400 extra charge. The alternative colours add contrasting details to the exterior and interior for a futuristic fashionable look.
  • Also included is a phone cradle on the dashboard; required to use navigation apps following changes to the law – and access to an app that allows you to check your Ami’s charge level.

In the UK, you can finance an Ami from £19.99 per month on a 24-month PCP agreement with a £2369 deposit and a maximum annual mileage of 5000. Once your contract is finished, you'll be able to pay an optional final payment of £5594 to purchase your Ami outright

Did you know: All the UK-bound Amis are left-hand drive, so we’d recommend testing one first to see if you can deal with this quirk.

Is this the future of electric cars and vehicles in general? Let us know your thoughts and whether or not you think this affordable and economical “vehicle” is something you would take for a test drive on our social media @Eurofitautocentres.

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