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The highway code you need to be aware of driving in hot weather

When driving in extreme heat, it’s important that road users are aware of their dos and don’ts.

We have been presented with extreme weather conditions and as a result have been issued an official severe weather warning.

In the event of record-breaking temperatures, a lack of or an improperly installed air conditioning unit could land you in trouble. 

The Highway Code states that drivers must ensure their vehicle is well-ventilated to avoid drowsiness leading to a lack of concentration. If a driver isn’t deemed medically fit to operate a vehicle, they are seen as a risk to other road users and could potentially cause an accident. 

To specify, rule 237 of the Highway Code clearly reads “keep your vehicle well ventilated to avoid drowsiness. Be aware that the road surface may become soft or if it rains after a dry spell, it may become slippery. These conditions could affect your steering and braking. If you are dazzled by bright sunlight, slow down and if necessary, stop.”

If this rule is breached, the penalty could be up to £5,000, and a 14-year imprisonment if it results in an unfortunate death. 

Motorists have also been advised to avoid travelling in especially hot conditions if they can avoid It.

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