How did this truck have 2,000 EXTRA miles AFTER leaving the garage? A motorist is left baffled after his vehicle comes back from the repair centre with a higher mileage AND DENTS!

How did this truck have 2,000 EXTRA miles AFTER leaving the garage? A motorist is left baffled after his vehicle comes back from the repair centre with a higher mileage AND DENTS!

  • Daily Mail reports Phil Chatburn’s Nissan Navara travelled the equivalent of a journey to Istanbul!
  • Chatburn found dents, scratches and noticed screeching coming from the front wheels. 
  • The car had an extra 2,000 miles on the clock after a lengthy five-month spell at the garage! 

The Daily Mail reported a very interesting and intriguing story today regarding a peculiar experience with a vehicle repair centre. 

Phil Chatburn, a company manager was left furious when his pick-up truck was returned to him from the vehicle repair centre with new dents and damage as well as 2,000 extra miles on the car!

His truck had travelled the equivalent of a journey to Istanbul or two thirds of the way to New York during an unexpected five-month spell at the garage. 

When he was eventually told his vehicle was ready to collect, he was met with numerous new dents and scratched to the vehicle and also noticed a screeching sound coming from the front wheels. 

Concerned about his vehicle, he phones the RAC, who found the brake pads and discs were so badly worn out they had to tow the vehicle straight back to the garage. 

In even worse news, Mr Chatburn, was sent an invoice from the garage for almost £1,200 to cover the extra repairs; none of which he accepts responsibility for. 

He said: “I could have driven to Edinburgh and back four times to run that milage up.” 

The vehicle repair centre claimed that they were test driving the truck but Mr Chatburn is left confused as to why they would possibly need to test drive that many miles. “It doesn't make sense!” he said. 

Mr Chatburn took his three-year-old Navara to the Bristol Street Motors dealership in Halifax in April after the persistent problems with a part called the diesel particulate filter, which had caused it to break down several times. 

But the problem apparently confounded mechanics. Mr Chatburn claimed that when he phoned for updates he was wither told his truck was unroadworthy or that they were awaiting a part from Japan. 

During the lengthy stay at the repair centre, the mileometer had leapt from 25,145 miles to 27,216 miles. Mr Chatburn said: “I checked with independent experts who said a reasonable amount of mileage for test drives would have been between 30 and 50 miles.”

A spokesman for the dealership has spoken out and said “We acknowledge we did not keep Mr Chatburn up to date with the number of miles driven by technicians to ascertain a confirmed diagnosis and to enable a part to be ordered and fitted, which has resolved the fault.

‘Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill we will make a payment to cover the mileage costs and we will arrange for the bodywork damage to his car to be repaired.”

For now, Mr Chatburn is back in a courtesy car and is demanding the garage cover the cost of the brake repairs.

WOW! Now that’s a story! 

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